Destination Charge: 


Engine Specs:

Frame: Steel w/aluminum swing arm                                                                          
Wheelbase: 40.3”                                                                                     
Seat Height: 26.9”                                                                                                     
Ground Clearance:11.4”                                                                                                                                                     
Weight: 94.5 lbs.                                                                                
Motor: 750 Watt/36 volt                                                                
Batteries: 3) lead acid batteries 12v each                                        
Run Time: one hour **          

Chassis Specs:

Front Suspension: 33mm hydraulic inverted fork                                                                         
Rear Suspension: Adjustable single shock                                                     
Front Wheel Travel: 6”                                                                                                        
Rear Wheel Travel: 6”                                                                                        
Transmission: single speed variable                                                                         
Front Brake: Hydraulic disc                                      
Rear Brake: Hydraulic disc                                      
Front/Rear Rim: 12” front / 10” rear
Tires: 60/100-12 front / 70/100 rear
Warranty: 12 month Limited Warranty                                             
MSRP: $1799.00  (Includes extra battery pack)

*specifications subject to change without notice.
**run times are estimated, varies with rider and conditions. Will last longer for beginners and
shorter for more advanced riders. Additional information on all models including manuals,
accessories, and parts books are available online at under Support.