Welcome to BYOB


Beta recognizes that not all riders have the same needs. Our BYOB program is designed
for riders that want a bike built for them! We have created a custom build program that
allows the Beta owner to build his or her new ride the way it should be . . . for them!
Start by selecting the model then going through the different sections including wheels,
tires, suspension, chassis, and engine parts. After your Beta has been built, you will be
provided with a quote as well as the opportunity to begin the build process with a $500.00
refundable deposit.
After your Beta has been ordered, you will be contacted by our BYOB specialists at Beta
USA to make sure all of the final details of the build are addressed. We will put you in
touch with an authorized Beta dealer.

As an appreciation for your BYOB order, Beta USA will include a
Beta complimentary hydration pack with your new Beta!


In about 30-45 days, your new Beta will be delivered to the Beta dealership of your choice with all of the accessories you ordered installed by Beta along with a personalized ownership plate installed on your frame. Your Beta dealer will insure your new Beta is serviced up and ready to go.
Please note: If you choose no parts in a section, your new Beta will be shipped with the stock parts.
For example if no handlebars are chosen, the bike will be sent with the stock Beta handlebars.


If you have any questions, please email our BYOB department at BYOB@betausa.com

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